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Pricing and Options

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life.  A predetermined package with a specific number of lights doesn't fit every wedding. Your dreams, visions, themes, colors and venue are all important in determining what lighting is best for you.  We don't expect you to choose from a menu of packages and hope you're picking the best package. Leave it to the experts to create the enviroment that will "wow" you and your guests. 

Instead, we work like your florist. We will help you communicate your visions and lighting ideas to us. From there, we will come up with a package that best fits your dreams and budget.  We can tell you that most of our weddings range from about $1500 to $4000, but every wedding is different.  We have plenty of weddings that fall outside of that range.  
Please scroll through this page to see just some of the lighting ideas we have offered.  The sky is the limit.  
What will your wedding day look like?
  Uplighting, Texture, Enhancements, Cafe/String Lights



This is the most common item brides ask for. However, it is not the only way to bring color to your room. 


We offer uplighting and in some cases encourage it.  There are times when we may offer other choices to give you a greater benefit to your venue.  








Texture is a way to bring people, decor or the venue to life. 


Whether we create a textured dance floor or create a beautiful canopy on your ceiling, your room will be transformed to create an ambiance you won't forget.  



Decor Enhancements

Decor Enhancements


Decor, Cake, Flowers, Linens, and Buffets could be left in the dark without the proper enhancements.  

Pinspotting, architectural lighting, and other strategic lighting can make your decor, cake and flowers stand out in your photos, as well as for your guests.


String/Market Lights


Cafe lights, market or string lights are all ways to say fun and romance in an outdoor and tent setting.  You can have colored bulbs, put lanterns over them or just let them cascade above.  


Cafe/String Lights
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