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There are several options available for a pre-designed monogram. However, few lighting companies offer truly unique monograms designed especially for you. We commonly take aspects of our clients' events and turn them into truly unique monograms. In each of the examples below, the couple gave us an invitation or a digital copy of a monogram, and we translated it into the gobo you see in the photos.

In the first example we combined the couple's desire to show their initials with the theme of their inviation to create a fun logo. 

Here we took a monogram directly from the couple's invitation and put it on the floor in lights. 

For this Indian wedding, the couple featured Ganesha, a symbol of prosperity for the new marriage, on a page of the invitation.  We copied the symbol and projected the symbol on the sides of the mandap. 

Finally, in this example, the couple wanted a fancy scripted B, along with their first names.  We gave them the fanciest B we could find, and took their first names directly from their invitation. 

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